General FAQ

Q. Music is a very important part of my celebration – how can I guarantee that Slippery Band will be available for my event date?

A. The best way to guarantee our availability is to check in with us before finalizing your plans (venue, other vendors etc.) Whenever possible, we’re happy to pencil in a tentative date and give you the right of first refusal until your arrangements are confirmed.

Q. Can Slippery Band provide music for my ceremony and cocktail hour as well?

A. Absolutely, a pianist for cocktail hour is part of our standard package and duos & trios can be arranged as well if desired. On site ceremony music is easily added to your entertainment package with a variety of different instrumental music options from which you can choose.

Q. Is the band I see, the band I’ll get?

A. Yes. We do not utilize a phone book of “on-call” musicians. There is no “Slippery Band II, III or IV”, so barring extraordinary circumstances, the musicians you hire will be the same musicians onstage at your event. We are a BAND first & foremost and you’ll find the same 8 members performing together at every event.

Q. Can Slippery Band facilitate my introductions, toasts/speeches, cake cutting ceremony, etc.

A. Certainly – our exclusive partnership with Mike Poole Sound & Entertainment™ allows us to utilize the finest Emcee/DJ/Audio Provider combo available. An Emcee/DJ is included in our standard package and will be available throughout your event. From lining up the bridal party before their introductions and getting a wireless mic in the hand of the best man or maid of honor at the right moment to hosting live auctions for fundraisers and awards ceremonies for corporate events – we have you covered.

Q. I have a wide array of age groups attending my event. Can Slippery Band play something for everyone?

A. We pride ourselves on our expansive repertoire and feature both male & female vocalists – plus a full 3 piece horn section. We can (and do!) play any music from any era. As we’ve often said, our goal at every event is to get everyone in attendance – from oldest to youngest – on the dance floor all night and send them home completely exhausted!

Q. I have a few special music requests that I don’t see on your song list – will you learn them for my event?

A. We are always happy to learn new music for your event . We do ask for 2-4 weeks advance notice in order to allow enough time for the song(s) to be arranged, learned and added to our play list.

Q. I have never seen Slippery Band in person. Can I arrange to attend a live performance?

A. No problem at all. We’ll be happy to invite you to attend one of our live weeknight performance showcases. Our showcases are fun, informative & entertaining and ALWAYS FREE! Please feel free to bring along your fiancée, parents, etc. We’ll play a wide variety of music and explain our role in the events of your big day. Hang around after and speak directly with a band member who will be glad to answer any questions you may still have.

Q. My venue has a list of vendor guidelines & insurance requirements – will this pose any problem?

A. It should not be a problem at all. We have appeared at nearly every major event venue in the Delaware Valley so we’re very familiar with most vendor policies. We are fully insured and most happy to be in full compliance with any reasonable request in order to make certain your event day flows smoothly.

Q. My question isn’t covered in this FAQ – now what?

A. Please just contact our office at 215.427.2200 or email us at info@slipperyband.com

Showcase FAQ

Q. What exactly is a “live performance showcase”?

A. For anyone who is considering having live music for their event, a live showcase is an invaluable opportunity to see and hear our band performing live and not have to rely solely on video/audio clips before making a decision.

Q. What kind of music is performed at a showcase?

A. We try to feature as many different genres & styles as we can within the allotted time. There’s no way to cover every different style of which we’re capable, but we’ll definitely play a wide range to show the versatility of our band.

Q. How long does a typical showcase run?

A. Most showcases run 35-45 minutes at most. Between songs we’ll explain all the services we are able to provide and a bit about our “music makes the party”      philosophy!

Q. What if I have specific questions that aren’t addressed during the performance?

A. No worries at all! Slippery Band members will be most happy to sit and chat with you for a few moments after the showcase to discuss whatever you’d like in greater detail…or if you’d prefer, we can always email or call you at your convenience.

Q. Who can I bring with me to the showcase?

A. Anyone you’d like! In addition to yourselves, please feel free to invite parents, grandparents, friends, etc. Anyone whose opinion you value is most welcome!

Q. Do I need to register or sign-up in any way?

A.  Though our showcases are open events and we’ve had many walk-ins in the past, we do encourage you to let us know your event date in advance so we can check our availability and not waste your valuable time if we are already booked elsewhere.

Q. Is there any cost or fee to attend?

A. Absolutely not! Our showcase performances are 100% free. 

Q. How often does Slippery Band hold live showcases?

A.  We typically hold one live showcase per month – usually on a weeknight and at various convenient locations throughout the region.

For upcoming showcase dates and times, please visit our events page.